About Us

What do we do?
We offer … from the heart.
We offer attention, presence, kindness, wisdom, healing, guidance and – most importantly – unconditional love.
We offer free of charge.

Our mission is to make unconditional giving and receiving a natural habit.

Our vision is a world where loving presence and the sharing of our values are the foundations of our existence and connections; where we are aware of the abundance within and around us on an individual, social and global level.
We are a Community that believes that by sharing our love, knowledge and experience we can contribute to the embetterment and healing of humanity and of the world we live in.
We dedicate some of our time each month to help and support people in re-connecting with themselves, learning about, developing and healing themselves, finding their true paths, spreading their wings and starting to fly.
We all contribute to this initiative in our own individual ways: some of us offer healing sessions, some drawing lessons, some yoga or dance classes, some counselling or life coaching, some by baking cakes.
Past, present and future
The 'HeartsMap Community' was founded by Daniel Roszik-Csendes in Hungary in 2012 as an expansion of his single-handed initiative started in 2010, then soon the second community was launched by Dora Roszik-Csendes in the UK. The Community now counts over 1100 members of which over 150 offering members in Hungary, UK, France, Austria and Oman, and is continuously growing each month.
Our vision of the future is that HeartsMap will form an international network of local communities all around the globe. Please help us create that vision by sharing information with your friends and family and whoever you might think would benefit from our free offers.
The Founder’s personal note
“I sense pretty much that this is one of the main reasons why I’m here on Earth, and my deepest desire is to surrender myself and my competencies to the realisation of the Community’s vision. This to me fundamentally means letting the creative power of unconditional love work through me.
I think and feel that the HeartsMap Community project is the next step of my personal development and also an inspiring and inspired contribution to community building in a larger, global sense.
The integral approach I wish to apply in all that is best described by one of the mottos of our bank, Triodos Bank: “Follow your heart – use your head“. That’s the way we want to create."

Love to all –