Beth Harris

Mindfulness Based Pyschosynthesis Counselling
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Mindfulness is essentially a way of cultivating non-judgmental, present moment awareness which can assist us with releasing habitual patterns of thought and behaviour that create tension, conflict and stress in our lives.

The practice of mindfulness is originally derived from Buddhist teachings and has been embraced by Western psychology as an effective and powerful tool for personal transformation.

A therapeutic relationship that is grounded in mindfulness and compassion involves deep inner listening on the part of both the therapist and client. It allows clarity and insight to emerge, helping to gently uproot psychological and emotional blockages to well being. The skills and understanding that a client develops through this therapeutic process have a direct and positive influence in their life and relationships. Clients are empowered towards a deeper understanding of how our mind, body and emotions work, and how we can foster health, happiness and well being.

I am offering two sessions free of charge for you to explore this gentle yet powerful way of working with your issues and reconnecting to your Self and your Orginal Goodness and clarity of mind.
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Mindfulness Based Pyschosynthesis Counselling

Duration: 1 Hour | individual